The Golden Circle, a full Spectrum of Care


Leadership Team

Administrator: Nay Reed
DON: Latosha Sanders, RN
Social Services: Rosemary Vail, LSW
Nurse Practitioner: Brandy Smith, FNP
Dietician: Becky Hill, RD
Activity Director: Beverly Lawson-Wilson
Housekeeping: Maxcine White
Laundry: Sandra Goss
Maintenance: James Jyles
Human Resources: Alfredia Taylor
Health Information: Judy McGinnis
Business Office Manager:

Bobbie Methvin

Care Team Managers:

Carole Upchurch, RN, Yellow Wing

Patsy Pruett, RN, Blue Wing

Tynisha Stansberry, RN, Orange Wing



Welcome to Golden Age

arr What is a nursing home ?

A nursing home is first and foremost, a healthcare facility where nursing care is provided around the clock. A nursing home is designated and equipped to care for the cronically ill residents who are no longer able to care for themselves.

arr Who pays for nursing care ?

Nursing home care can be paid for in several ways - Medicare, Medicaid, or private pay, which is out of pocket or by using long-term care insurance.

Medicare is the federal program offered to those who are needing a skilled level of care after a three day hospital stay. Medicare is limited to the number of days it will pay. Medicare supplements will pay in conjunction with Medicare. Once Medicare stops paying for care, most supplements will not continue to pay.

Medicaid is available for those individuals that are low income or have limited resources. Medicaid is the state welfare program and has limitations as to the amount of assests you can own and the amount of money you can receive each month before you are eligible.

arr How do I apply for Medicaid ?

To apply for Medicaid or if you have questions about eligability, call toll free
1-866-635-1347 or you can contact the regional Medicaid office in Greenwood at 662-455-1053.

arr Does the nursing home provide personal laundry services ?

The nursing home does provide personal laundry services. Any personal clothing should be labeled with the resident's name. The facility utilizes a heat press label system for identifying resident clothing.

arr What kinds of activities are offered for the residents ?

The nursing home provides a wide range of activities. See the activities section of the webpage for a list of activities offered.

arr What can I bring to the nursing home ?

The nursing home recommends the resident bring a small number of personal items to make their room feel more like home such as pictures, throw / bedspread, tv / radio. The facility provides cable tv service.

arr What is the difference in a private and deluxe private room ?

Golden Age has a total of 120 rooms. There are 60 private rooms and 8 of these have a private bathroom and are called a deluxe private. The other 52 private rooms share a bathroom with the room next to it. There are 60 semi-private rooms that accommodate 2 people and share a bathroom with the room next door that also accommodates 2 people.

arr Who do I contact about admitting a relative to the nursing home ?

Contact social services at 662-453-6323 ext. 125 or 124. Rosemary Vail, Brenda Moore, or Cherry Daves will be glad to answer any questions and help you start the admission process.

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